Being involved in the film and video industry for over 30 years, I get to share my knowledge and love for conservation with an amazing non-profit.


One of my main goals is to document all the projects we embark on, so that we can share our information and experiences with the general public.  Media can be a powerful tool for educating both the masses here in the U.S. but also the local communities.  I believe that providing a platform to what conservation organizations and captive breeders do here in the U.S. is paramount in shifting public opinion and fostering an environment of success for the ex situ populations.  Likewise, I believe that garnering the local communities support and motivation through media content and “boots on the ground” education is one of the best means of protecting the in situ populations.


Social presence is extremely important in today’s society, but it is also important that it is done correctly. We recently launched our new website and social media pages, and the growth and interaction has been tremendous.  One of the most exciting media projects for me has been the installation of the live feed cameras, where the public can view our Red Ruffed and Black and White Lemurs and Reticulated Giraffes 24/7 on our website.


Filming and releasing short videos on what we do and why we do it has shown to be very effective in educating the public and raising funds for our projects. Being involved in both in-situ and ex-situ conservation, I look forward to sharing all we do with the world. 




My name is Lisa Friend and I am married to my "professional hunter" husband Lee.  We have been married for 34 years and have been traveling and hunting together the entire time.  I personally don't hunt but I love the adventures we take while he hunts all over the world.  I'm right along side him when he takes the shot!  I guess you could say I love to hunt for the opportunity to just view the game in their environment and watch them go about everyday life.  


I have been a Life member of the Dallas Safari Club since 2013 and I am a Life member of the Georgia Chapter of the Dallas Safari Club.  I have experience in the Health Care industry and Lee and I have our own Tree Removal and Trimming company and we are going on our 31st year in business!  


I wanted to be a part of my home state Chapter so that I could be of help to pass on the message of wildlife conservation and getting the youth involved and interested in the great outdoors and hunting.  I am excited to be a part of this wonderful organization and look forward to the difference we can make in GEORGIA!!



Board Member

Napoleon Alfred Howell, Jr. was born and reared in Tennessee. The proud father of two boys, ages 16 and 27, he is an alumnus of Middle Tennessee State University, holds an Associates of Arts in Law Enforcement, and a B.S. in Criminal Justice Administration/Pre-Law. Currently retired from law enforcement, Napoleon has over 20 years of public safety experience.  

Napoleon is an avid hunter who loves bowhunting trophy white-tailed deer, wild turkey, and hunting various North American wild game. For more than a decade, he served as a pro staffer for Knight & Hale game calls and Bass Pro Shop. Napoleon has been a frequent guest and co-host on ESPN’s Hunt Fish Talk Radio show, featured in Deer & Deer Huntingmagazine and a contributing writer for Tennessee Outdoor News publication. 

Napoleon’s involvement in conservation spans two decades. A former hunter education instructor, he feels outdoorsmen should participate in conservation organizations as much as possible in order to protect the integrity of ethics and traditions in the outdoors. Our youth are our future. 




Experienced Performance Specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the consumer goods industry. Skilled in Retail, Retail Category Management, Sales Management, Purchasing, Product development, Design, and Sourcing. Specialized in Outdoor Space, Hunt, Fish, Apparel. Strong well rounded professional graduated from Sherman College of Chiropractic and Western Carolina University.



Board Member

Board member

WSA-nologo-40 (2).jpg

Vice President


Born in Tennessee lived and raised throughout Texas, Missouri and Georgia, now residing in Canton, Georgia. 

Ex-Custom home builder an Entrepreneur with a background in Business and Marketing. Has been involved with the hunting and outdoor industry for 40 years, the last 10 with the safari industry. Owner & Operator of a safari concierge & booking agency Wild Safari Africa Adventure’s, where they work side-by-side in and out of the field with safari outfitters throughout Southern Africa and Host of Wild Safari Africa YouTube Channel.

He’s been an avid Hunter for over 40 years and a firm believer that awareness of wildlife conservation begins with the youth through hunter’s education programs and the involvement in the outdoors with Family. A strong supporter of conservation thru sustainable hunting, Life member of Dallas Safari Club National and DSC Georgia Chapter and supporter of SCI, NRA and CPHC-SA

He is proud to have this opportunity to be a part of the new Georgia chapter for DSC along with the opportunity given him to help it grow.



My Name is Frank Smith,

                                              I am married to a great wife Jodi and have three kids, Kristie, Erica, & Frankie, all of which are grown. My passion is totally on my family and the Great Outdoors! I Love to Hunt, Fish, & Trap, the harder the challenge, the more I appreciate it. I am the President of International Trophy Outfitters, where four of us own the business and we book Hunting & Fishing trips in over 60 Locations around the world. We have been booking trips for 18 years, 8 for one outfitter and then started ITO 10 years ago.


I am a member of the Dallas Safari Club, Dallas Safari Club-GA Chapter, Life member of the NRA. We attend the Dallas Safari Club Show every year with a twenty-foot double booth, and the NRA show with the same. We have a good internet business and a Facebook page as well. 


Just took on the role of Secretary for the Georgia Chapter of DSC I am very excited to help grow the new chapter, and the youth awareness for our Industry going forward!

Board Member


A proud Life Member of DSC and a new Board of Directors for DSC of Georgia, Jeremy has spent nearly 30 years following his passion for hunting.  At the young age of 18, he began his career as an entrepreneur in the private sector with his father.  Ever since then he has found the driving force behind his professional passion has been inspiring others for the conservation of our natural resources.  


Jeremy is the Founder/CEO of Hunt360. His drive and passion for the outdoors has found a home working in the outdoor industry. Jeremy's extensive hunting background coupled with his insatiable interest in meeting new people and experiencing memorable outdoor adventures drives his passion and to help others find pure enjoyment for hunts. 


Jeremy's core values are honesty, integrity & innovation to provide the highest levels of quality and satisfaction in the customer experience. 


Board Member


Board member


Board Member


Board member

Hunting is something that helps bring families closer. There are many families who have hunting traditions that have helped them form an unbreakable bond.

Our Mission

Serving Georgia's wildlife and its habitat, hunting heritage, teach outdoor education, and the conservation efforts of those who value and steward wildlife resources.


Our Vision

Through outreach programs that introduce shooting and hunting to youth, women and others, DSC is ensuring a legacy of future sportsmen and –women and conservationists.

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